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The Ollie:  [1/10] difficulty

1) Place your back foot on the tail with your toes on the board and your heel hanging off.  Line up the side of your shoe with the side of the tail.

2) Place your front foot where ever feels comfortable between the last two of the front truck bolts and the first two of the back truck bolts.

3) Keep your balance in the middle of the board

4) Crouch and then jump.

5) Release pressure from your front foot and slam the tail down with your back foot.

6) To get the board in the air you have to slide your front foot forward.

7) As soon as your tail hits the ground, turn your front foot over on its side.  The board should be in " \ " possition.

8) Slide your front foot all the way to the nose.

9) As soon as it gets to the nose push forward with you front foot and lift with your back foot.  The board should level out and you should be in the air

4-9 should all be done at the same time.  For a higher ollie you have to have the strength to pull it, the further back your front foot it from the last two of the front truck bolts, and the harder you slam your tail, the higher the ollie.