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The Kickflip:  [3/10] difficulty (Tricks required:  Ollie)

1) Position your self like you were going to do an ollie.  Now turn your legs so they look like this " =\= \= " over the board (diagonal)

2) Align your back foot with the tail's curve with your toes on the edge of the board and your heel hanging off.

3) Place your front foot's toes on the edge of the board right under the front trucks, bottom bolt on the heel side of the board facing diagonal.

4) Now ollie and make sure your toe hits the bottom corner of the nose (right where it dips inward before it bends up)

5) Don't twist, turn, jerk, or move your body.  The board should flip and, if you didn't move, it should spin right under you and you will catch it either on the ground or in the air.