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The Boneless:  Difficulty [2/10]

This is an older trick used by freestyle skaters, it still looks pretty cool today.

1.  Roll along standing anywhere you want on the board.

2.  Bend down and grab the board with your back hand.

3.  Grab your board in the middle between your feet and drop your front foot off the board.

4.  As soon as your front foot hits the ground, jump up, lifting your board with your arm, then put your foot back on it in mid-air.

You can add 180s, shuv-its, flips, all sorts of turning, spining, hand maneuvers.

The Fastplant:  Difficulty [2/10]

1.  Kinda like a boneless.  So same set up.

2.  Bend down and grab your nose with your front hand.

3.  Drop your front foot off and jump.

4.  Lift the board with your arm, then jump back on.