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The Board Slide: Difficulty [2/10]

1.  If you are sliding something parallel to the ground, as scary as this may seem, you need to lean the opposite way you are sliding.

2.  Unless you really think it needs it, metal rail or ledges going down hill do not need wax.

3.  You need to go fast.

4.  Ride along and ollie 90 onto your slidable object (curb, ledge, handrail, garbage can, etc.)

5.  Now you either hit it frontside (looking behind you while you slide) or backside (looking in front of you while you slide)

6.  Now you lean the opposite way you were going and slide, you may fall a few time at first, but you will finally learn how to balance.

7.  Which ever feels comfortable, to get out pull the full 180 or 90 back the opposite direction.

8.  Sometimes it is easier to shuvit out of a slide.  (come 90 out the opposite way while jumping and letting your board come out the way you hopped on.)