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The Bigspin:  Difficulty [4/10] Requires (180 and Shuvit)

This trick is a lot easier going fakie.

This trick is either a 360 shuvit with a body varial (Just jumping and turning in the air) or a 180 with a late shuvit.

1.  Roll forward or fakie and pop a 90 ollie and start your shuvit.

2.  You want to push your shuvit a little bit harder than a regular shuvit so it spins 360

3.  Turn your body the rest of the way 180 and land

I think fakie FS bigspins look better than BS ones.

Want to make your BS bigspin look better than a FS one, roll fakie and bust a 540 shuvit with the body varial, trying it without ollying to get the extra spin force.