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Trick Tips

Welcome to the trick tips section, I decided to re-do this section...well because I rolled my ankle and all those trick tip pictures were done in one day at a church and they were pretty weak.  This time around I am going to have more tricks, their own page, with a movie and pictures to help you out.  New tricks will be added as I think of them or learn them.  Change tricks/new tricks by adding spins (180s Etc.) or extra flips to tricks.  Late tricks are really cool, but disliked by older skaters for some reason.  "Old school" tricks a fun and you can always add new tweak and stuff to make a new trick.

You may wonder why tricks have different names than what you are use to.  Well some tricks I came up with in my back yard so they have the name I gave them, others are just what people in the area I live or what my friends and I called them.  They seem to make more sense than other names though.

There are currently no movies/pictures of my skating trick tips at this time, check out the Pictures Section of my web site to see some pros pulling some tricks, I also have near 20 movies you can check out too.

* = Learn this first if you haven't : Every trick requires this trick. (Unless you forget to pop your board)

If you are having a hard time learning kick flips, learn to ollie north first.

Flip/Spin Tricks

Kick Flip Heel Flip 360 Flip Shuvit Flip Hard Flip
Varial Flip Varial Heelflip BS/FS Kick Flip Impossible Front Foot Impossible
Pop Shuvit Disco Flip Double/Ect. Flip Big Spin Big Flip
360 360 Flip Pressure Flip Kickflip Under Flip Inward Heel Flip BS/FS Heel Flip
Step Flip No Foot Impossible No-Comply No Foot Imp. X-Flip Late 180 360 Ollie Kickflip

Grind/Lip Tricks

50-50 5-0 Crooked Grind K-Grind Over-Crook
Feeble Smith Nose Grind Board Slide Nose Slide
Tail Slide Blunt Slide Primo Slide Rock-N-Roll Disaster
One Foot Grind Drunk Pirate Casper Slide Dark Slide Hurricane
Staple Gun Salad Grind Rock-2-Fakie Barley Pivot

Air/Grab Tricks

Melon Indy Stalefish Mute Benihana
Roast Beef Tuna Salad Method Truck Japan
Nose Tail Judo Rocket Shifty
Stiffy Seat Belt Lean Cannon Ball Tail Whip
Ollie North Crail Sack Tap Madonna *Ollie

Misc./Late Tricks

Boneless No-Comply Step Hop (180 No-Comp) Manual Frontside | Backside
Walk the Dog Casper Hand Plant Girl Flip Finger Flip
Hand Ollie Hand 180 Nose Catch Power Slide Kick Turn
Pogo Kickflip Late Shuvit Primo Flip Shuvit Late Kickflip Fakie
Nollie Switch Half-Cab Blindside Kickflip Late Impossible