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*04/11/06* took a while, new forums, waste more of your time!

*03/17/02* Wow an update!, almost 4 months...well I finally got a camera, but haven't used it. It is still winter and I skate about once a week. When it gets warmer, I'll actually update the site! Untill then you get the same old boring crap. If you wonder why the site has old news, its because mainly the site is for beginners and people who want online "trick tips" so I offer them, they're better then a lot of other sites tips, and to all those who take the time to tell me my sites "gay", you're a nobody and I don't care what some teenage punk has to say about me or my webpage, what the hell are you doing online anyway, go out and skate and quit being such a bitch ass.

*03/30/02* 100 Tricks in the trick tip section, have fun. Vist Our Online Store!

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