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The Facts




So what's the deal with cops? Why are they always harassing skaters? Well here's the low down.

Cops are paid $11 dollars an hour (that's not much) to go out and risk their lives to make sure you can live yours. Cops don't hate skateboards, but they learn to. Why/how, easy. Your favorite skate spot is say at X. Jr. High School and some punk kid broke a window or something because he was mad, now all the faculty hate skaters because they made the school have to shell out money to pay for the window. Now whenever they see a kid skateboarding the cops get called. After a few times the cops give you a warning, but now every single day the cops are getting calls telling them that they want them to get rid of a the skaters, so the cop is now pissed having to stop routinely everyday at the same school to tell the kids to stop skating. USUALLY it is not the cops who are the dicks, but the people who call them.



Skaters hating bladers is just the SAME thing as football players hating skateboarders. So what if you think it takes no talent or looks gay, a lot of people probably think you look gay. Its just another sport and it doesn't bother you. The whole blader vs. skater thing is just because of the same assholes who call someone who is starting out skating a poser, but on the other hand, they were just as "poser" as the same kid when they started skating. That's just not cool. They need to teach kids in school to accept everyone. Just look at Columbine. I don't give a sht what you think it was about, I'm telling you; 100% prejudice on both ends.



I dun no...sometimes when I think about it, skateboarding doesn't take any talent. you just got to have balls. Its like, so what if I can pull every street trick, doesn't help one bit if I am afraid to land them. Like 360 flips, very easy, but I have to actually think about if first. Like should I gather my balls and land this down the 6 or just pull a 360 flip and not even try to catch it. Or even drops, 4 foot drop, that is SOOOO small, but I seem to bail half the time. Progressing is easy, but you have to have 0% fear. When pulling some thing small or big, don't think about how you are going to land or not land the trick, think about the next trick you're going to pull after landing this trick.